Welcome to Ali Rent a Car

Ali Rent A Car was founded with a simple mission: take care of customers and employees first and business success will follow. The goal wasn’t to be the biggest company, just to be the best a premise that engrained customer service into the Car Rental culture. Today we’re known for a wide selection of vehicles, great everyday low rates and our awarding-winning Rent-A-Car customer service. Every interaction with customers, from the start of an Ali Rent-A-Car reservation, until the rental car is returned, is an opportunity for us to please and gain a lifelong customer. With more locations in Pakistan, it is this emphasis on Ali Rent-A-Car customer service that keeps the company growing

What We Believe

In less than ten years, Ali Rent-A-Car has rocketed from basement of a single car rental to the top of our industry. We listen carefully to one another, too. Day-to-day, face-to-face, listening leads us to working more effectively together. At Ali Rent-A-Car, we understand that an open and respectful exchange of ideas is critical to maintaining our high standards for service and personal success

Treating employees and customers like family and never compromising our commitment to superior customer service.

Today each and every employee through a vehicle that we call our cultural compass translates those values into action. Using the compass, our employees work to engage the areas of our operation, improve diversity through our ranks, and contribute hours and rupees to the causes that matters the most. After all, we are not entitled to our success; we have to earn it, each and every day.

Point-to-Point Service

Ali Rent-A-Car will take care of your specific requests when you must to get from Point A to Point B. You can choose from our wide selection of vehicles to fit your specific needs. For a fixed fee, we will take you to and from any address in comfort.

Contact Info

Haseeb Ahmed Mufti (Ali.)
Managing Director.

Office # 14, 2nd Floor, Gohar Center, Wahdat Road, Near Muslim Town More, Lahore, Pakistan

Landline: +92 42 38295224
Mobile: +92 344 4488882


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