About Us

It is a great honor to introduce our Ali Rent-A-Car, a company, Partnership firm registered under the laws of Pakistan, Member Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, & a register Supplier of US AID & United Nation (In Pakistan) with the FAO Supplier Number: 64274 & UN GM Registration Number: 201296. We are serving in the heart of Pakistan (Punjab) since 1999. Ali Rent-A-Car has a wide range of vehicles fleet in excellent and immaculate condition with very reasonable rental packages and rendering its services to different esteemed organizations for not less than ten years. Our office is located in Muslim town Lahore, which is a business hub and also a very attractive place for tourists from other cities.

We are maintaining the long-term relationship with our valuable clients it is the reason thatís why we are strongly committed to provide the best available services to our clients in a competitive market. At Ali Rent-A-Car we maintain an uncompromising focus on customer service. Customers seek out and stay with Ali Rent-A-Car because we truly believe in and deliver courteous, personalized service everyday. Our goal is to exceed every customerís expectations. Ali Rent-A-Car possesses a very good team of cultured and well-mannered staff and skilled drivers.

Our Missions

Ali Rent A Car was founded with a simple mission: take care of customers and employees first and business success will follow, through tremendous leadership and consultation of our employees, we have built the best rental car company in Punjab-customer by customer, car by car from the ground up. But our goal has never been to be the biggest; we simply work hard to be the best.

What We Believe

In less than ten years, Ali Rent-A-Car has rocketed from basement of a single car rental to the top of our industry. We listen carefully to one another, too. Day-to-day, face-to-face, listening leads us to working more effectively together. At Ali Rent-A-Car, we understand that an open and respectful exchange of ideas is critical to maintaining our high standards for service and personal success. Treating employees and customers like family and never compromising our commitment to superior customer service. Today each and every employee through a vehicle that we call our cultural compass translates those values into action. Using the compass, our employees work to engage the areas of our operation, improve diversity through our ranks, and contribute hours and rupees to the causes that matters the most. After all, we are not entitled to our success; we have to earn it, each and every day.

Customer Service

Ali Rent-A-Car is recognized throughout the industry as a leader for quality service. As part of our mission, Ali Rent-A-Car customer service is the driving force behind our business. We are known for our commitment to service and Ali Rent-A-Car has been recognized numerous times for its superior service. Our customers have repeatedly named Ali Rent-A-Car number one in customer satisfaction in the car rental industry.

Point-to-Point Service

Ali Rent-A-Car will take care of your specific requests when you must to get from Point A to Point B. You can choose from our wide selection of vehicles to fit your specific needs. For a fixed fee, we will take you to and from any address in comfort.

Our Future Plans

New Branches

We have planed to open several branches in different areas in Punjab, so we can provide better and prompt service to our customers.

Our Staff Strength

We have 8 in house staff and 50 drivers from every part of the Punjab including drivers who can speak all three main languages fluently.


Comprehensives insurance available for all of our vehicles including passengers and drivers etc.

Breakdown Service

24 Hrs. backup available.

DG Fuelling & Maintenance.

Providing transport services to the staff through out the Punjab, we are providing DG Fuelling and Maintenance services to the Telecom sector.

Haggle Free Buying of Used Cars.

We have also planned to enter into used-car-sales market with the same commitment to customer service that has been at the heart of our other operation. Ali Rent-A-Car car sales customers can also expect worry-free ownership. This begins with our rigorous inspection process that will ensure that each vehicle is Ali Rent-A-Car Certified. With the purchase of a Ali Rent-A-Car vehicle. We will offer a seven-day repurchase policy so that any car can be returned for any reason, no question will beasked. Our service made us popular with our customers. Ali Rent-A-Car has changed the way customers view renting vehicles. By offering that same level of exceptional personal service, we will also change the way customers look at buying pre-owned cars.

Investors Paradise

We provide attractive opportunity for those; who believe in safe and sound investment. We have an extremely secure and reliable environment. Ali Rent-A-Car offers exceptional packages for investors to avail handsome return on their investment

We have learned that when we truly listen to our customers and understand their needs, they lead us to opportunities from little ways to serve them better, to new lines of business that open up exciting growth prospects for our company.

Contact Info

Haseeb Ahmed Mufti (Ali.)
Managing Director.

Office # 14, 2nd Floor, Gohar Center, Wahdat Road, Near Muslim Town More, Lahore, Pakistan

Landline: +92 42 38295224
Mobile: +92 344 4488882


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